Archetip is in a constant search for sustainable production and design measures. Our store is based on an on-demand production method. Each order is handled individually and follows our environmental concerns. Facing the modern problems of overproduction and waste in the fashion and textile industries, we encourage our clients to make every purchase thoughtfully. Considering every order as a unique and subtle design that carries the passion and vision of Archetip.


Over time, we've developed a meaningful and strong relationship with our production team and fellow artists. This enabled us to constantly improve our products and design expertise, and seek contemporary and more sustainable ways of manufacturing.


We use only certified EU-made materials to create and design our products. All products are manufactured locally in Lithuania by experienced artisans. All products and objects manufactured by Archetip are composed of nature-based materials. Our garments, bags, and backpacks are made with Oeko-Tex-certified 100% cotton fabric.

We cherish the use of natural materials for their durability, breathability, and biodegradability. Facing an environmental crisis, we believe that all contemporary products should be designed and manufactured from biodegradable, low-waste, natural materials.