Interpreting modernism through design and visual arts


I’m very happy to finally share this project which was a part of the residency program "Interpreting Modernism through Design and Visual Arts" commissioned by @kaunas2022 and curated by @kolektivciteradieuse hosted at @blank_page_studio.

It was an inspiring journey that connected creatives from all around Europe. Huge thanks to everybody!

OBJECT1 - is a semi-modular armchair prototype. This furniture piece acts as a new medium to embody Kaunas modernist architectural ideology and dominant shapes to the present-day interiors and community. With change being an inevitable part of our surroundings, the different modular parts of this chair allow users to integrate it into various interiors and places.

The shapes used in this project are inspired by window structures in Kaunas city modernist buildings :

- House of J. and A. Iljinai circular window
- Three vertical windows in K. and O. Mickeviciai house.
- Three circular windows of the house of B. and B. Baronai & K. and I. Sienkeviciai


A semi-modular armchair prototype